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Mar 20, 2013 6:00am PDT
money to oppose doma? >> well, look, this is a position of our party. but, you know, our point in the report, luke, is that, you know, when i was asked at the national press club i think one of the reporters asked me and he said are you still going to fund, you know, rob portman? my response is, of course we're going to help rob portman. he's a good conservative republican. my appointment, luke, i'm not going to get into this sort of back and forth with leadership, but what i will tell you is i think our party needs to have the attitude that if i disagree with you on one issue, it doesn't mean that you're a lousy republican. it means that you're a good republican. it means we agree on most issues and we need to unite our party. we can't build our party if we're going to cut out certain pieces and certain parts that we may not agree on 100% on but we have to grow. so we have to grow through additional -- >> mr. chairman, you're a relatively young man, 41 years old. do you think the republican party -- >> i'm pretty young. >> are the next elections afterwards on gay marriage, do you
Mar 25, 2013 6:00am PDT
different issue in prop -- in the doma case, chris, because there the question is, if a state does decide to grant same-sex marriage, can the federal government refuse to recognize it, and there's a question here about whether the government has always or usually or normally deferred to the states to let them decide what marriage is. and lurking in both of them, it should be warned, is this question about whether the parties have legal standing to bring the cases. that's a much bigger issue in the doma case than it is in prop 8. >> i was going to say, pete, one of the most fascinating things i found in reading up about this is the standing question, do the people have the right to -- it's possible worry looking at this week as a massive moment and it's possible that the justices could rule no standing and maybe not. but let me play david boyce, the -- one of the lawyers in proposition 8 and arguing for and against repeal. let's play what they had to say over the weekend and come back and talk about it. >> every time the supreme court makes a constitutional decision, it's making a decision th
Mar 26, 2013 6:00am PDT
signed doma released a statement saying, quote, i have long opposed government recognition of same-gender marriages and this legislation is consistent with that position. but he says he was never comfortable with the law and earlier this month clinton wrote it was a mistake saying, quote, i know now that even worse than providing excuse for discrimination, the law itself is discriminatory. it should be overturned. joining me now democratic strategist and long time clinton adviser james carville. thanks so much for coming on. >> you bet. got some magic here. all right. democrats in terms of the gay marriage issue and immigration and amongst other things guns, the polling seems that unlike the '90s, they're really winning on these culture wars. in terms of getting married, is it the point now for democrats this is a very much winning issue. you see mark warner, claire mccaskill. you've got to get onboard with this or risk being in trouble in 2016. >> first of all, there's not going to be an antimarriage equality candidate run for president in the democratic party, a serious candidate
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3